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Honey Glaze Tuna Jerky

Honey Glaze Tuna Jerky- our honey glazed Ahi tuna jerky is for lovers of moist, juicy jerky. Always soft! Always tasty! Don’t let the honey turn you off. This is one of the softest Jerky’s you’ll ever find. Our Tuna is first marinated in a Asian style blend on all natural ingredients. Then we slow dry to perfection and hand cut for easy snacking. Finally our jerky is glazed with amber honey. Think moist juicy jerky!


• Wild Caught & All Natural

• No Preservatives & No MSG

• Made in Hawaii, USA

• Handcrafted in small batches

• 2 ounce resealable bag

• All of our fish jerky is FDA approved.  We also work closely with the Hawaii Seafood Council to ensure that our supply of fish meets industry standards.

Honey Glaze Tuna Jerky

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